Ever wondered how an idea for a new product that can change the world becomes a reality? Or realize that nearly everything you use – from your toothbrush to your car to your coffee – is full of patent protections?

In our modern world, intellectual property (IP) touches every aspect of our lives. It rewards innovators for turning ideas, from a better cup of coffee to a live-saving drug, into the technologies that sustain and enhance our world. Computers that work faster, crops that grow larger and cars that use less fuel are just a small sample of the innovations that are sustainably improving the way we live.

IP52 is a new movement, started by CropLife International and dedicated to changing the way we look at the world around us by better understanding the role of IP in our lives. Each week, IP52 releases new resources – from IP 101 videos to infographics to innovator profiles – that help you discover how important IP is for inventors as well as consumers, and how it helps to evolve products in all industries.

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