Celebrate Intellectual Property!

Every April 26th, innovators and researchers come together to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day and highlight the role of intellectual property in encouraging innovation and creativity. IP52 was created to help everyone better understand and appreciate the role of intellectual property in their daily lives, so World Intellectual Property day might be our favorite time of year!

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Tweet this  It’s #WorldIPDay! Do you know why #IntellectualProperty is so important? Find out in just 30 seconds -> http://ow.ly/M24ne 

Tweet this  Don’t know what #WorldIPDay is? No problem! Start by learning what #IntellectualProperty is -> http://ow.ly/M24QR pic.twitter.com/sKreaUFcsL

Tweet this  Did you know? IP is part of our everyday lives, from our food to our cars! ow.ly/M22nh #WorldIPDay pic.twitter.com/I2BhOBxtHI

Tweet this  What would it be like without IP? Try having no cell, no computer…no clothes! http://ow.ly/M23rP #WorldIPDay pic.twitter.com/vtOs9Zd5rN

Tweet this  Well, this makes me pretty happy our world has #IntellectualProperty.  http://ow.ly/M25MO #worldIPDay

Tweet this  No IP, no innovation. It’s that simple. #WorldIPDay http://ow.ly/M25fF @WIPO

Tweet this  This one innovation brought over billion+ euros to farmers and consumers…and IP made it all possible http://ow.ly/M239t  #WorldIPDay

Tweet this  A world without IP seems….boring. No phones? No computers? No books? I’ll pass. http://ow.ly/M23rP #WorldIPDay pic.twitter.com/vtOs9Zd5rN

Tweet this  From MP3 to GPS, #IntellectualProperty has helped the public sector create some groundbreaking stuff! http://ow.ly/M24fp #WorldIPDay

Tweet this  Like your coffee? Like your car? Like your phone? Thank Intellectual Property. http://ow.ly/M24GX #WorldIPDay